A Shopping Guide To Train Your Sustainable Consumption Muscles

Shopping sustainably is a learning process. If you're just starting out, this could be a steep learning curve but all it takes is practice.  We're here to be your personal cheerleaders on this fruitful journey ahead!When you come across something you want...Start with being kind to yourself! It's okay to want things. You've worked hard and you most definitely do deserve rewarding yourself with something you like! But will this really bring the satisfaction you're looking for? and is there a better, more eco-friendly way to get this?
Before purchasing... Ask yourself if this item will improve your quality of life. Does it make you happier? Do you need it to help you achieve something? Is there something you already have that can help you achieve the same goal? You know yourself best, so make the best judgement for yourself and  your environment!Ask yourself if *owning* the item is necessary. Otherwise, you can consider borrowing it instead!   There are some things that we probably only need for a short period of time. If that's the case, why not borrow instead? Then you won't even have to fuss over what to do with it or where to keep it after.  Chat up your friends and family! Otherwise, rental businesses are also here to save the day.But if you can't find a way to borrow it... Try looking for a second hand option. If you need it now, someone else probably had it before. Why not try looking second-hand to save you some money and save planet earth while you're at it?  Try hitting up the thrift or consignment stores! The hunt for these pieces of treasure can truly be so rewarding.If second-hand is not a suitable option... Look for a sustainably made item from an ethical LOCAL brand! Pay attention to the sustainability and circularity of the materials used, the construction and quality of the items and how they were made.  Shopping local is great for supporting your own community  whilst lowering your carbon footprint. It's a win-winOtherwise... Try looking regionally or internationally for ethically- and sustainably-made options. More and more sustainable, ethical brands are popping up around the world! An app we love using to help us discover such brands is GoodOnYou.If all else fails... Let us know what you’re looking for (and your budget) and we’ll let you know if we have recommendations. e love supporting other likeminded businesses!  No promises we'll have suitable recommendations, but we’ll definitely do our best!If you really have to... Go ahead and buy what you need, in the best materials you can find, wherever you can find it! Just make sure that it will be well-loved and used as many times as possible. That way, you’ll help extend it’s life!Shopping sustainably is a process that takes time getting used to! e need to consciously practice it before it becomes a habit. Every effort counts!


A little something extra to help you build conscious consumption habits...

If you need an extra push, we've also prepared some mobile wallpapers that you can download for free! Save them and use them as your phone's wallpapers to remind you that you are doing the best you can!


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