Just Carrots, No Sticks!

Because we're the Asians who only believe in rewards, not punishment.

Focus on the things you love, and let us worry about the aftermath. Wear our basic tops to work, to the beach, to bed or anywhere you wish. Let Tortoise accompany on your best adventures.

Then send them all back to us to give them the second life they deserve.
Landfills get a big NO from us!

Think long-term — you'll not only help save Earth but your wallets too!

  • 1. Wear

    Start your adventure with Tortoise at full price and love your piece to bits

  • 2. Return

    Give them a second life by sending them back to us for upcycling or recycling

  • 3. Reward

    Earn Carrot Credits (worth up to 20% of full price) to use on your next order

  • 4. Repeat

    Start a new chapter with a new piece subsidised by your Carrot Credits

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What exactly are "Carrot Credits"?

Carrot Credits are the gift cards you get when you return your old Tortoise item at the end of its life. They are designed to be incentives (you know, like carrot and stick?) for you to do your part and recycle your old Tortoise items. We’ve got you covered!

How much Carrot Credits do I get for each piece of used Tortoise piece I return?

The value of Carrot Credits for every piece can be found on each product's page.

If you are returning more than one piece at a time, you can let us know if you'd prefer your Carrot Credits to come in a single gift card, or split into multiple gift cards.

How do I get my Carrot Credits?

When you are done with your Tortoise piece(s), send them back in the Tortoise TotePack that they arrived in, or in any recycled packaging.

When you're ready to start your returns process, fill out this form and we'll be in contact soon to follow up with the process. Do make sure to fill out the form before sending us the parcel!

What can I do with my Carrot Credits?

Here are 3 suggestions from us:

1. You could use them for your next purchase. (Do take note that only 1 gift card can be used for each check out.)

2. Since they come in the form of gift cards, you may gift them to a friend!

3. Donate the value of your Carrot Credits to a cause of your choice. Let us know by sending a link of your preferred cause to hello@tortoisethelabel.com and we'll be in touch soon to follow up on this process.

What happens to my old Tortoise pieces after I send them back?

Mechanical textile recycling is our goal! However, it's a process that requires very high volumes of textile waste. So as we're slowly making our way to that checkpoint, we're starting off with upcycing.

It's a great option, since upcycling gives your used pieces a real shot at a second-life before heading to the recycling plants. For all our upcycled products that we make and sell, we'll continue to ensure that they come back to us at end-of-life.

When the pieces are truly ready for mechanical recycling, they'll definitely be ready. Being a 100% organic cotton makes them easy to recycle without the resource-intensive step of fibre sorting. Only when we're certain they cannot re-enter the production cycle, we ensure that they are responsibly biodegraded.

May I send Tortoise my used clothes from other brands for recycling?

We're working on making this possible real soon!

Stay tuned and keep up with our updates by signing up to our newsletter below ;-)

Why “carrot”?

Simply because we'd rather give you the carrot than give you the stick! We like to think that the best results come as a result of soft love with rewards and incentives. It's 2022 – gone are the days of punishment!

Fun fact: tortoises love carrots too!

How do I opt to donate the value of my Carrot Credits instead?

We'd love to donate the value of your accumulated Carrot Credits on your behalf. Send us a link to your preferred charitable cause at hello@tortoisethelabel.com! We'll be in contact with you to follow up on this donation process.

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